What’s Your Top 5?

T-Shirt? Check. Baseball hat? Check.
T-Shirt? Check. Baseball hat? Check.

Fired up a video yesterday when a flash of inspiration struck… plus I was in a shirt and tie and felt I owed it to y’all to not look like an utter slob in every single piece of media that ends up on this blog (such as this fine sample here).  You’re welcome, friends.  Also, I am just running a ridiculous streak on this vlogging.  I know I will return to more writing soon (since it is profoundly important to me to write as much as possible), but damn… this is just FUN.

Today’s vlog is all about priorities and why we all need a Top 5.  I hope you enjoy. -Kuz

2 Replies to “What’s Your Top 5?”

  1. I’m gonna go ahead and share my top 5. They’re all pretty much on an equal level, though.


    BTW for some reason, at the beginning of the video, you reminded me of Paul Rudd.

  2. In a completely unsurprising way, your list is great, Will. And having “Fun” in your Top 5 is something more people should do (and live to).

    And for reasons I will never be able to understand or explain, you are probably the 10th person in the last year who said I remind them of Paul Rudd. Before last May (when I was at the EliteFTS Learn to Train seminar), I never heard that comparison. Now? It’s almost non-stop. Heck, you are the 2nd person in the past week! I get such a kick out of it… I don’t get starring movies roles with Jennifer Aniston out of it (damn it), but maybe that’s coming soon.

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