Small Things Matter – Eat Your Ego

For a small change of pace, I decided to fire up a video blog for today instead of the typical typed post.  Why?  Change of pace.  Not in the mood to type.  A chance for all of you humble people to soak up the handsomeness that is me.  Just a little post about how my own ego sometimes gets in the way, but I end up learning something anyway.

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  1. It is amazing how sometimes the smallest things can make a difference. When you get up to walk around periodically, you’re also allowing the various systems in your body to flow better – circulatory, lymphatic, energetic. That alone will make you feel better.

    I love challenges like that – it doesn’t involve much thinking, the effort you put in provides some benefits, it doesn’t cost anything and it’s easy to measure.

    Congrats on your FB page!

  2. Thanks, Jess! I am hoping the FB page gets a bit of momentum.

    And it is pretty funny how just getting up and walking around makes you feel so much better. Speaking of things to make you feel better… I need a massage therapy appointment. Never done reiki before – what can you tell me about it?

  3. You should definitely get a massage – it should be a regular thing especially for a lifter. You need to work the toxins out so your muscles can heal – and get ready for the next time you rip the hell out of them 😉

    What can I tell you about Reiki? How much time do you have? I could talk for hours . . . but I’ll try to keep it short here.

    Reiki is a form of energy balancing that originated in Japan. Rei means “universal” and Ki means “life force.” It is based on the principle that we’re all “made” of energy and surrounded by energy. If we’re stressed and out of balance, our ability to heal ourselves is compromised. Reiki helps to balance and recharge your energy so that you’re more relaxed and your own healing ability works the way it’s supposed to.

    Reiki can be done in person but it can also be done from a distance which is pretty cool but also kind of woo woo. It’s all based on quantum physics . . . and physics was never my strong suit. All I can say is it works. I highly recommend getting a treatment. (And if you want a distance treatment, let me know. I’d be glad to send you some relaxation!)

  4. Kevin you should be in Sales…i want my very own pedometer!

  5. Kevin, good post. We are doing the same thing at work and I have been noticing the same benefits though I have a lot less going on in the way of fitness than you.

    Another benefit and probably the reason why companies push these types of programs is that the vast majority of workers are not nearly as motivated as you to monitor their own fitness. These programs teach them that doing something as simple as walking 10,000 steps can start to make them feel better and open them up to new forms of exercise — maybe using the gym, maybe swimming or biking. Someone looking at you who they know is all about fitness and seeing your pedometer might say to themselves — well I don’t play soccer or powerlift like Kevin, but I can wear a silly little pedometer and try to walk 10,000 steps. You are serving as a good example to most of the other office slobs who need a little push. Walk on…

    P.S. I have found that coaching a youth baseball game adds about 3-4,000 steps to my day. I do a lot of pacing…

  6. It’s funny, Rob… I get a very decent number of steps when I coach as well. Trying to corral a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds keeps my feet moving quite a bit although there is certainly some pacing too.

    I think you raise a very good point about how programs like these can reach out to a segment of the employee population that is not terribly motivated (at least not currently). No pun intended, but maybe these kinds of small steps are the catalyst to get people going in the right direction. If 10,000 steps is not so hard and shows some results, then maybe doing a little bit more beyond that won’t be so bad either.

    I would think where you work you would tend to have a more generally motivated sort of population though – I could be wrong. If you need me to come over and help, don’t hesitate to let me know!

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