2 thoughts on “Today’s training plan”

  1. blast strap fallouts? hardcore.

    I did some banging on an old tire w/a sledgehammer today for conditioning. Outdoors it was great. Nice break from the sprints. check it out on my blog, its on video.

  2. Kevin,

    I was browsing some home gym setups on Youtube last evening and I came across your video. Great gym by the way… Anyways I watched you videos with your PR’s and what not and I must say, very impressive. I followed you Channel back to your blog. I see you haven’t added an article in quite a while but I will keep my eyes open for your next one. Are you following any particular program right now or are you just SFW?


    P.S. I posted you a ling to my training blog, I have been following a lot of stuff from coach Scott Sonnon from RMAX International.

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