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Curiosity Piqued – Forever Student Part 2

I had more thoughts on the idea of trying to stay in the mindset of a beginner… so why not do it as a snappy vlog on the YouTubes? Plus it would give me a chance to use “piqued” with curiosity so I can finally address my pet peeve of people spelling it as “peaked”.  Important stuff, friends.

Enjoy the video magic and if you’re in the Northeast, stay toasty.

It’s Just Not That Special

On the mornings where I am out of coffee at home and need to venture forth to Starbucks, I’m usually in a bit of a fog until I get that sweet caffeine-laden goodness into my system. That was a little different thing morning during the quiet of the drive just after 6AM. I looked around and noticed all the business of my humble town… which made me consider a personal resistance point I’ve long held and why it’s been such a hurdle for so long.  I thought maybe a video would be a better way of describing the moment… plus ya know y’all love seeing my handsomeness in motion combined with that glorious baritone. Or so I tell myself. Either way, some video shenanigans for you.