The Power of Fun and The Joy of Beginning Anew

Hope you enjoy the video – trying to mix up the content here at ol’ Fierce and Mighty.  I do a lot of public speaking for work and, honestly, I enjoy doing it.  If y’all like it, I will do some more.

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For a quick overview of the training talked about in the video above, it may look a lil’ bit like this:

Sunday: OFF

Monday: Lifting

Tuesday: Conditioning

Wednesday: Lifting



Saturday: Lifting

The lifting will obviously be 3 times per week, but the overall split is 4 days (hence I will not have Mondays set as “Bench Press” or the like).  The split will be using the 5/3/1 template and will look like this:

Day 1: Deadlifts

Day 2: Overhead Press

Day 3: Cleans and Squats

Day 4: Bench Press

come-at-me-broThe conditioning could be any of the following: Prowler, car push/pulls, hill sprints, sprints, biking, playing hoops, playing soccer, etc. – essentially, whatever I feel like.  This is getting back to the fun of it all – I mean, God forbid I enjoy this stuff.

Where I plan on changing things around the most will be what I do after the big lifts.  I’ve realized that I like my training best when it works towards me being quicker, more mobile and more athletic.  Hence, there will be some typical core lifts, but also more kettlebell work, turkish get-ups, tire flips and so on.  And clearly, A LOT more stretching and mobility work.

Bottom line: It’s time to get back to doing this to enjoy it again… enjoy the process, enjoy the work, enjoy the craft of lifting.  It’s been my rock and it’s been good to me – time to get back to that place again.

And in the words of the most confident anteater of all timer… COME AT ME BRO! (Seriously… that never gets old for me).

6 Replies to “The Power of Fun and The Joy of Beginning Anew”

  1. Hey Kevin, (I met you at the Ferruggia seminar in NJ) have you looked into the Tim Ferriss method of training for marathons without doing the long distance running?? It’s in the 4 hour body, I don’t really remember the details because the thought of me running long distances made me shut that part of the book out of my brain, but you should maybe look into it if you haven’t already.
    Hope your head healed up ok 🙂

  2. Mike – Actually, I have not. I may need to look into that. Ferriss makes my skin chafe, truthfully… I think he has some good info, but I find him to be a big-time huckster as well. And yes, the top of my dome did heal… thank God!

  3. I completely forgot you fell on your head. And it was our fault lol. Good post brotha!

  4. Kevin,
    Great stuff. I am interested in following your training as I will be doing a tough mudder in September. I have my third warrior dash in May. I trained for my first two while keeping my strength levels at respectable levels via 5/3/1. Let me know if you are interested in what I did for the dashes or what I plan to do for the mudder.
    – dave

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