Fierce and Mighty Gets A Little Posterous


At the risk of diluting what I am trying to keep going (get going?) with this blog, I decided to get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ set up over at Posterous with a Fierce and Mighty flavor.  Posterous is a ridiculously easy way to do a blog or just share photos, videos, random updates or whatever else on-line and you can do it just by sending along an e-mail.  It’s incredibly slick – if you send along an attached photo, it neatly pops it up with your post.  If you send multiple photos?  POW!  A snazzy little gallery is created.  Send a YouTube link?  Boom goes the dynamite – you get the video embedded on the page.

So in the interest of having a place to fire up a whole lot of randomness that does not fit into longer posts (which is what Fierce and Mighty is dedicated to), I present to you:

Fierce and Mighty’s Posterous.

Enjoy.  Perhaps one day I will come up with a way to integrate these two areas together a little more tightly.

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