The Myth of Daily Intensity

Sam... bringing it!

I’ve written a few times about my commute into work, whether from the standpoint of just sometimes enjoying the quiet of the drive or on how some people merge like borderline mental patients.  It’s always a grab bag of adventures during the 20 to 45 minutes I spend in the car heading to or home from the office.  I know I am not alone in this feeling.

This morning I decided to try something a little different and do an audio blog and load it up to the site today.  What prompted the blog (content-wise as opposed to doing it in an audio format) was an e-mail exchange I recently had with someone about my blog.  They remarked that they were surprised at the amount of intensity I am able to have on a daily basis.  That made me chuckle a bit since I have oh-so-many days where my intensity feels like a deflated balloon of pain and nothingness and ennui… umm… OK, maybe not that bad, but I do have days where I am not quite as spunky or crisp as I would prefer to be.  It’s human nature.  So I figured I would dictate a post into Evernote and put the audio file up for your listening enjoyment of my golden voice as it soothes you into a serene pool of happiness, enlightenment and a transcendent state of being.  Lucky you.

Audio Blog.mp3

And in case you are wondering what true intensity looks like… I present to you… my nephew Sam.  Fear him, people… fear him.

4 Replies to “The Myth of Daily Intensity”

  1. You’re back! Your faithful readers missed you. I like the audio post thing. Pretty cool.

    I definitely get a somewhat “intense” vibe from you but in a good way. You’re passionate about the things that are important to you. You’re passionate about learning and growing. That’s what draws your readers in. Well, that’s what drew me in anyway.

    BTW, your nephew is awesome.

  2. Is your nephew chugging down on some red wine in the background? Very French of you Kuzias!

  3. You know, I knew someone would look at the photo and think that. Not surprised it was you, Bone. Fruit juice in a wine glass – wanted to feel all grown up.

  4. Wine is technically ‘Fruit Juice’. I’m sure DCF monitors this site anyway, so they’ll handle it from here.

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